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I have many years of teaching experience, and have trained at the country's best conservatories and universities. My students range in ability from beginner to very advanced, but they all have two things in common: good technique and a love for music! If your student would like to learn how to play the violin or viola, I encourage you to research the many fine teachers in the area, including me! Look through my website to read more about me, and listen to my music samples to hear more about me.

Check out my teaching blog here.

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Bach Recordings

I had many friends and colleagues inspire me with their own recordings, and finally took their suggestions that I record the Suites. The Suites were recorded within three (long) days, and from memory, at Opus 4 Studios in Seattle, by the esteemed Dr. Mike Matesky.

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Upcoming Concerts

On Saturday November 5th, 2016, 7pm, at the Lopez Center for the Community and Arts, Leslie Johnson (viola) and Molly (piano) will present the elegant Viola da Gamba Sonata no. 1 by Bach; the powerful, final work of Shostakovich, the op. 147 Viola Sonata; the 'Rain' Sonata, op. 78 (trans.) for Viola and solo Piano Intermezzi by Brahms; as well as Songs for Viola and Piano by Faure. See the Concerts page for more info.

In the meantime check out this piece from a Bellingham Chamber Music Concert from November 2014. More videos are available on the Concerts page.

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